Mission statement

The mission of Boardwalk Days at South Beach, in collaboration with South Shore Kiwanis Club Charitable Foundation, is two-fold:

To bring Staten Islanders back to a reinvigorated South Beach Boardwalk by creating exciting weekly events and staging a host of spectacular special events on and around the boardwalk throughout the year to promote an environment where individuals and families can gather to enjoy the beach, the breeze and each other’s company;

To foster a greater connection among the borough’s residents, businesses and non­-profit agencies. By inviting local non-­profits to engage with the community, dispense information about their organization and recruit volunteers to their cause as part of a “Give- ­Back Wednesdays” program, we provide an opportunity for them to connect one-on-one with their neighbors and local business owners in an easygoing atmosphere, where information can be shared and awareness raised, all to the betterment of the Staten Island community.

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